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Intellectual Property Resources - Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Domain Names & more.

Intellectual Property Law


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Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Internet & Computer Law matched with a unique sense to your business needs.


Krivoshik LLC offers over a decade of extensive experience in Intellectual Property Law including all aspects of Patents, Copyrights, Digital Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Internet Law and Trademark Law.


Intellectual Property Law is our only focus with our technical expertise in the all aspects of electronic, electrical, communication, computer systems, software, Internet, biomedical instrumentation, optical and the mechanical arts as well as all aspects of Digital Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law and Trademark Law.


Intellectual Property and Information Sources


Domain Name Searching - Geek Tools whois search.


United States Patent & Trademark Office


Deposit Account


Electronic Official Gazette - Patents

Employee Locator




Holidays [1997-2010]: 2009; 2010


Forms - Includes editable documents


MPEP Edition 8 html & pdf versions


Patent Application Information Retrieval System (public) - Includes image (electronic) file wrapper access.


Patent Assignment Database


Patent Maintenance Fee Status For fee status call or send list of patent(s) by e-mail.


Search Collections Publication Kind codes


Trademark Assignment Database


Trademark Applications & Registrations Retrieval (TARR)


Trademark Document Retrieval System (TDRS) - Real time electronic file wrapper.

Trademark Electronic Business Center


Trademark Official Gazette - pdf documents


TMEP Fourth Edition


Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Inquiry System


United States Copyright Office


Editable Forms


Information Circulars and Fact Sheets


Search Copyright Records


Title 17 of USC


37 CFR Chapter II


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


Country Code Top Level Domain Databases


Intellectual Property Digital Library


PCT Applicants - information on PCT filing and all PCT services


PCT Forms - Includes editable documents and examples


PatentScope - Web portal for all patent and PCT-related services and activities


Trademark Database Portal


Free Access to Foreign Records On-line


Web Site addresses of Industrial Property Offices - Patents

Web Site addresses of Copyright Offices


European Patent Office Patent Database


Online European Patent Register - Online European Patent Register containing all published European patent applications and published international applications (PCT) applying for a European patent. Bibliographic data and procedural data, from first publication to grant, are provided for each application from first publication to grant. Important information, such as the expected grant or withdrawal of the application, is available online six weeks before the actual date of legal effect.


Japan Patent Office - Digital Library - English language access with translation of Japanese patents and searching


Laws & Guidelines (English),


Searching Japanese Trademark Database (English)


Searching Japanese Figure Trademarks (English)


Searching Japanese Well-Known Trademark (English)


List of Goods and Services (English)

Patent & Utility Model Gazette DB (English)


Patent & Utility Model Concordance (English)


FI/F-term Search (English)


Searching PAJ


Patent Map Guidance (English)


Commercial Resources


FreePatentsOnline.com - Complex Boolean searches, single document pdf files downloadable, etc.


MicroPatent Login


Patenting Art and Entertainment Provided by Internet Patent News Service


Reed Fax Order Page

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