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Intellectual Property   

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Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Internet & Computer Law matched with a unique sense to your business needs. 


Krivoshik LLC offers over a decade of extensive experience in Intellectual Property Law including all aspects of Patents, Copyrights, Digital Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Internet Law and Trademark Law. 


Intellectual Property Law is our only focus with our technical expertise in the all aspects of electronic, electrical, communication, computer systems, software, Internet, biomedical instrumentation, optical and the mechanical arts as well as all aspects of Digital Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law and Trademark Law.

Rett Syndrome official links & very personal experiences...   


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What is Rett Syndrome (what’s wrong with her)?


Unicorn Meadows provides free downloadable documents, links to organizations in the US and around the World & much more, from a very personal perspective (our daughter has Rett Syndrome).


The world’s largest source/store for books, videos, games, and so much more.  Free shipping available on all qualified orders.



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eBay is The World's Online Marketplace®, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis.



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index of Information & Reference Links

Conversions  -                     Computerized language translations (aka babble fish), length, temperature, weight and more.

Free Annual Credit Reports  - Obtain your service bureau credit reports for free, no purchase or monitoring service requirements.

Government Links  -        Free Court Links, References, as well as State, US, International and Foreign Government links.

How you can WIN when bidding online  -  Proxy bidding just seconds before bidding ends (for Delecampe, eBay, GovDeals, GunAuction, Liquidation, Shopgoodwill & Tradera). 

Intellectual Property Resources  -

Free Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Domain Names & more.

Medical Information from very select Trusted Sources  -

CDC, Mayo Clinic & NIH free information.

News Sources  -                 Free Primary news sources.

Reference Sources  -         A variety of useful free informational reference sources.


Genesee Country Village & Museum  - A 600-acre living history complex consists of 68 historic structures furnished with 15,000 artifacts to provide an authentic, 19th-century environment in which visitors can interact with knowledgeable, third-person historic interpreters in period-appropriate dress. 


Tangier Island  -   Information & links about the isolated island with a population of only 604 in 2000 having access only by small plane or boat, a real life Brigadoon in many ways.

Titanic Information  -     Free web links to accounts, images & more about the Titanic.

Transportation & Traffic Information  -

Free transportation & traffic links.

Urban Legends  -             Check out that latest e-mail/rumor for free and learn if it’s true or not as well as explore its origin & history.

Weather & Time Information Sources  -

Free Weather & Official Time links.

Downloadable PDF documents require the free Adobe Reader.

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